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PI miCos Automated Alignment / Manufacturing of Fiber-Optics Components Video


A video showing Silicon Photonics: Automated Alignment / Manufacturing of Fiber-Optics Components.  This fully automated system is now available to view in this informative and interesting video.

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PI miCos Beamline Application Video


PI miCos has equipped the experimental hutch for micro tomography of the P05 Beamline at PETRA III light source in Hamburg, Germany. Guido Giorgi from the PI Beamline Instrumentation group has included part of the technical background information and features of the sample stage into this easy to watch video.

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Spinning Disk Super Resolution Imaging uses Piezo Control to Enhance Stability


Super resolution microscopy has the ability to produce biological images that show molecular level structures.  Although the technique is limited when it comes to looking at live cells a number of research groups from around the world are working on overcoming these limitations, including a team led by Dr Ann Wheeler, Head of Imaging at the Queen Mary University of London’s Blizard Institute*, and Professor Martin Knight of Queen Mary’s School of Engineering and Materials Science.

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Featured Products

Featured Products

PI PIMag Magnetic Field
PI H-845 Highload
PI Custom Motion Systems

PIMag™ 6D

Actively Guided Magnetic Positioning System with Travel Accuracy in the Nanometer Range. Achieving high positioning accuracy is not only possible with piezo actuators. Besides common motor-spindle drives, PI is increasingly using piezomotors for precision motion across longer travel ranges. With the PIMag™ 6D development study, however, PI adopts completely new approaches.

>> Video: PIMag™ 6D Magnetic Levitation Technology

Hexapods Conquer Automation Technology

Standardized Fieldbus Interfaces Guarantee Easy Integration. In many areas of automation technology, precision requirements are becoming more and more demanding. Whenever multiaxis positioning systems are needed, the popularity of parallel-kinematic systems is growing. One example for this is a so-called Hexapod. Standardized fieldbus interfaces guarantee an easy connection to parent PLC or CNC controls so that Hexapods can work synchronously with other components in one automation line.

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PI Custom Motion Systems

Full Service from Design Through to Manufacture. Providing micron precision multiaxis alignment solutions, the PI Custom Motion Systems group, with our combined electronic and mechanical design experience, offer to customers a breadth of knowledge and technical hands-on advice which is hard to beat. PI Custom Motion Systems, a specialist division of Physik Instrumente (PI), will support you every step of the way, adding value and giving you the confi dence that your requirements will be met and delivered in a timely manner.

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